See every single page you'll get inside the SDSD workbook...


Your big picture strategy is one of the most important parts of your business! What big dreams do you have? Have you thought these things out and how you're going to reach them? This section has you covered for that. Pages in here include attacking your big year goals, reviewing the last six months - what worked and what didn't, and starting fresh. The goal setting pages were created to help you break down those big picture dreams in to easy to-do tasks. Sometimes it's simple to come up with the big ideas, but figuring out what to do next can be the hard part. These worksheets will help you get that done! 


This is where you get to write all your tasks for the week! You'll have plenty of space to write ideas daily, a place to write your focus for the week, income goals, and more. Includes three different layout styles depending on your own personal preference.


The monthly calendar is not your typical calendar. What makes this business planner different than any other planner out there is that you will use this page at the beginning of the month to get you organized. THEN you'll go back to this page at the end of the month to review how you did! It's an amazing way to track your progress and really see how your efforts are working... just doing this strategy alone could easily skyrocket your business! 


The financial worksheets includes an income, expense, and profit report. This section is amazing for giving you an overview of where you're at financially and being able to your progress. 


The marketing section is here to help you keep track of your marketing campaigns in a big picture way. Pages included are monthly marketing at a glance, marketing avenues strategy, and marketing campaigns worksheets. If you've never done any marketing plans before - this will change your life! 

6. Year In Review

Once you've completed 2017, you will go to this section and review how you did! Pages include questions like, "things that worked well" and "biggest lessons learned". It is an amazing way to recap your year and create new goals for the next one.

7. Etc.

A bunch of bonus pages that don't quite fit elsewhere. These include an inspiration page for your favorite books, websites and podcasts, website password keeper, birthdays and anniversaries, plus note pages and to-do lists.