• GOOGLE ANALYTICS:  This will help you track your website, blog, and social traffic so that you can know what's working and what isn't. They also have a nifty getting started tutorial as this stuff can definitely be confusing at first.


Did you ever watched the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie doesn't back up her computer and loses all of her work? That's not cool. You know if it's happened to you. If you're spending all this time and hard work on something, you want to protect it from any possible problems! You can do this by backing up your work and protecting yourself from hackers.

  • WP PASSPORT This is an easy way to back up your computer. It's also a great way to free up storage on your computer if you need to clear some space. You can buy one from Best Buy or other tech store near by.
  • DROPBOX: It's a good idea to back up your computer to a few different sources. Dropbox is a great tool to keep you organized for that. It is a secure file sharing and storage system for you and your employees.
  • 1PASSWORD: All your other passwords and important information are protected behind your Master Password, which only you know.
  • SUCURI:  It can be really scary and stressful when someone hacks your site. Especially when you have a lot put into it! Sucuri is like an insurance for preventing that, giving you security and peace of mind. They provide security scans, malware protection and blacklist monitoring.


There comes a point in one's business where you can't do it all yourself anymore. The sites below are good for outsourcing certain tasks of your business to others. Some examples of things you could outsource would be customer service, writing, design work, SEO, marketing, and social media. An easy way to get started is to see what others are getting help with and how they're writing their job postings. You'll find this information on each one of the sites below.

  • UPWORK:  Upwork allows you to hire a freelancer for specific tasks in your business. Their website is easy to navigate and helps you with suggestions on specific tasks you can use to outsource.
  • FIVERR:  So Fiverr's big thing is that you can get someone to do a task for you for 5 bucks. People will do all sorts of things on there for you. It might be a good option for smaller tasks, but probably not the big stuff.