Now more than ever, I am so grateful for being able to live this entrepreneur lifestyle. Being a mama isn't easy. I'm sure many of you can relate. There are many days where you just need to devote your time to your little one. Schedules don't happen perfectly.

But that's why I love being an online business owner. It allows me to be flexible. I can be a mama first and foremost. That's the most important job. My business comes second to my family, but it is still a very important piece of who I am. 

I work 4-5 hours a day instead of full time. This is all I can afford at this time. What's so interesting is that I get more done now than I did before she was born. I do this by using the Stop Dreaming, Start Doing program. It has allowed me to organize my priorities and get them done faster. 

I am so passionate about being an entrepreneur.  And my commitment here at the Dream Job Shop is to bring you the best of what I'm learning about and living through my own business.

I think that no matter what your thing is, you can create a business from it online.  And I am proud to be able to share my passion of learning incredible business strategies here with you. 

If you're still here reading this, then I'd love to recommend joining thousands of others by becoming part of the Dream Job Tribe. Here you'll always be connected to any new business trainings I have to share. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to be here. I'm thrilled you're here and excited for the journey ahead.