How did the Dream Job Shop start?  

The idea for the Dream Job Shop started two years ago. The founder, Andi, a former handmade handbag designer was noticing a huge void of relevant business training online for creative indiepreneurs. In order for her to find out anything relevant for her own business she either had to (A.) read through a super corporate/slightly boring business site using fancy terms that made her zone out and daydream instead. Or (B.) a really poorly designed website focusing specifically on handmade and your first year in business. She wanted to create a hybrid of both worlds - where you can find super valuable content that you can really utilize to grow your business, but also relates specifically the the creative lifestyle. (ie. not everyone in business wants to become a billionaire - lots of us just want to make beautiful stuff, support ourselves and family, and live our lives the way we want to)

Why is it called the Dream Job Shop? 

We brainstormed a bunch of ideas, most of which didn't feel right. But there's something about this idea of having a "dream job" that really stuck with us. That's really what this is all about, living YOUR dream job (not ours). We though that the Dream Job Shop made perfect sense for you and for us!

Where are you based? 

We are based in Calgary, Alberta Canada (ever heard of Banff in the Rocky Mountains? We're about an hour away from there - so we're pretty lucky to have such beautiful surroundings)... a funny fact about us Canadians is that we don't really think we have an "accent" -  however, I'm sure you'll notice a bit of Canadian slang in our videos here and there if you listen for it.

Can you share some tips for starting your first business? 

Heck yeah! We're all about taking the plunge and going for your dreams whatever they may be. But we KNOW that the road to that dream is a rocky one full of ups and downs. We've been there! We've put together a few resources for you: Andi's sharing how she started her first business right here. We've also got a great blog post on what to focus your time on when starting your first business. Annd, when you're ready, our products are the perfect beginning guide to help you think about the big picture of what running a business looks like, from designing to marketing. 

I want to be featured on the blog! How can I do that? 

We looove collaborations, but when it comes to our interviews, we hand select them personally! However, if you have an idea you'd like to write that would fit with our aesthetic and philosophy then go here for more info!

Are you on instagram? ...what about Facebook? 

Yes and yes! Instagram: @thedreamjobshop. And we're on Facebook here too.

Can I post about your stuff on my own blog? 

You can post one photo with a link to our original post. You can also share our links on Pinterest and Facebook. But you cannot publish full content under any circumstances. We're protected by copyright laws. 

How do I get in touch with you? 

 Click here to contact us 

Can I get on your mailing list? 

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