‘Andi is the best friend for your handmade business…’  – Flora Bloom Designs

7 years ago, Andi got out of a relationship that ended on a very devastating note... she was in her mid-twenties, a recent fine arts grad working in a low paying retail job, and now moving back home with her parents. To say she had hit 'a low note' in her life was an understatement. She felt defeated, lost, confused, and very unhappy.

At this point she felt like she had nothing to lose, so without any support she dove in head first in to creating her first company Hoakon + Helga - a line of handmade bags made from vintage leather jackets and sold on Etsy. The first year was incredibly tough, she had no clue how to run a business, or had any business training at all. She felt like she was walking blindly in her business most of that year and living day to day.

Six months later she moved out into her own place that she could barely afford. This was a super stressful time - she made just enough to pay rent, bills and cover her supplies. Anything else couldn't be afforded. But even though it was super hard, it was her own space - a place where she could create and make beautiful things. She knew that with hard work and passion it could only get better.

Fast forward to a year later and things started to click. Sales came in regularly, prices of her bags went up and success started to happen. She was able to grow her business with hard work, consistency and solid business skills she learned along the way. By 2012 she had made over 2000 bags with her own two hands. Her Etsy shop had seen over $200,000 in sales alone and she was selling out of bag updates the day they were added to the shop!

But during this incredible journey, a new passion started to come in to play for her. It was something that she’d never thought about before, but it was also something she knew she’d be amazing at. And no matter how hard she focused on her bag business she new that the next stage of her own journey was coming soon…

Enter today & the Dream Job Shop: In 2013 Andi closed her Hoakon + Helga Etsy shop and dove head first in to her new business, The Dream Job Shop. A community focused solely on helping and promoting the indie lifestyle to anyone that wants to be part of it. Her new passion is definitely her bigger purpose for her own life. This is where she truly gets to let her heart sing. And although she may never meet you in person, she feels a deeper connection to you than you’ll ever know. We only get one life to live, and it should be full of adventure, love, frustration, struggles, and happiness. She’s a firm believer that without the “Downs” you’ll never appreciate the “Ups” as much as you do.

There are a lot of other things that come in to play when you want to live a beautiful, successful life. Success doesn’t just come in the form of business goals or money. These things should only be a means to the end goal… truly living a passionate life – one that’s right for you and who you are. And that’s her goal with the Dream Job Shop… to create a community of like-minded people all wanting to be in the amazing world of living a creative, healthy, simplified lifestyle.

So thanks for letting us share her story with you today and we're so glad you're joining us!