Hey New Friend!


I share business classes & strategies for creatives, artists, designers, solopreneurs, indiepreneurs, small business owners, and entrepreneurs…. whichever term you prefer, you are in the right place!

I'm a BIG BELIEVER in living the INDIE LIFESTYLE – what does that mean exactly? Well it’s that lifestyle we’re all really striving for… one where the work/life balance feels in control because you've figured out a great system for your workflow.

One where you LOVE your job because you are so passionate about what you do. One were free time is available and the next time your friend calls you up for a coffee date, you say “heck yes! See you there in 10 mins!”

I believe in a life that makes you… well, just plain happy!

And here’s where I'm different… yes, we I believe that you need to make a healthy living (obvi) so you can support yourself and your family. But the money is only one-third of the big happiness pie.

So what are the other two-thirds you ask? Pie piece #2: Plenty of energy. Pie piece #3: Plenty of time!

Think about it, if you’re off balance with one of these pie pieces, the other two really start to suffer… For example, if you have lots of money but not enough time to enjoy it because you’re working your face off, then something needs to shift.