People answers question: What is Your Dream Job? Are you already doing it?

Someone asked on Quora, what is the dream job of the people on the internet and are they already doing it. A lot of people have answered and here are some of the answers.

Andi Stiener, who is a former Newspaper Deliverer around 2015-2016, has answered and this is what she has to say. “My dream job is to become an Emirates Cabin Crew Member. Once upon a time, an innocent jetsetter named Abigail was travelling to Romania, with her brother to visit their mother’s family for the summer. When she suddenly saw a poster like in the terminal, the picture shows a woman taking a shower in the sky.

After seeing that poster, I quickly became hooked on those YouTube videos you see uber-rich 30 somethings taking extreme first class flights, and vlogging the whole thing. I would watch them at least once a week, hoping to bring myself closer to my dream of being able to afford a $20 000 flight like that one day.

But then today I realized why not just become a flight attendant?!?!?


Let me list just a few of the benefits for you here….

Furnished accommodation in Dubai free of charge with utilities, water and electricity
Tax free pay
30 days leave per year with 1 paid ticket to your country of origin
What’s not to love??”

She then found a checklist of requirements on how to be a flight attendant.
“Checking off a whopping 2/8, and the fact that they hire 5500 out of over 200 000 applicants each year. I can confidently say that I won’t be serving you drinks on your Emirates flight anytime soon. Well it was fun while it lasted :/”

Another poster named Marshell answered the question and that said “Back to my childhood, when I was naive little girl, I wished I would become a pilot who can fly all over the world. I just love the feelings of freedom that nothing can hold me back. Nevertheless, this job required a lot of strict standards that I couldn’t come over, let alone the fee for training. First year in high school, as I had built up a passion for languages ( especially English) I dreamed of studying in diplomatic academy of Vietnam. However, I heard that this institute was just appropriate for those whose parents worked in the same area. Therefore, I gave of the dream of becoming a female ambassador of Vietnam. After graduation from local high school, I tried my best to pass the entrance exams to study in the faculty of foreign economics in Foreign Trade University but I didn’t make that

Now I’m 19 and learning in a economics university that I don’t really like. I have a new dream of studying tourism in German where there is no longer school fee, but preparation for that is not easy at all while I have to work part-time jobs to pay for a living ( I don’t want to make my parents worry about money for me anymore) After all these year, I know from deep down that I love traveling, exploring new cultures and seeing people from any corner of the world. I want to do that but the difficult reality has gradually faded all of my dreams. I focus on how to survive in this world but forget why I wanna live. Maybe I’ve got to be stronger and more ambitious to achieve what gives me real happiness”

Lastly, another commenter says named Felicia Green said that “I’m definitely not doing my dream job yet. I’m breaking my back processing 650 books a day at Goodwill earning minimum wage. No, I’d rather not be working there for the rest of my life. I love books, but I’d rather be a nutritionist. My life has been utterly transformed by some simple diet changes. I used to go through life miserably fatigued, depressed, my thoughts clouded up with fogginess.

I added in more vegetables, started taking more vitamins, cut out sugar and refined flour, and I cheered up. I suddenly had more energy and could think more clearly. I want to change others’ lives with nutrition, just like my own life was changed by a lady named Izabella. I want to be Izabella to others, to those struggling with obesity and depression, with atrial fibrillation and arthritis, with anorexia and bipolar. I know I won’t be able to help everyone. But I wholeheartedly and completely want to do my very best. And that’s enough for me.”

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